3D Animation

3D Animation

One cannot deny the useful nature of 3D design and 3D animation today. It will not only lead brands scores of commercial profits but also will help to gain the maximum interest of customers. As a part of marketing efforts, animation, today, is considered one of the highly effective visual aids that can create prodigious impact than plain words.

And that’s why you too should broaden your marketing reach with high-end 3D animation videos and graphics that can add dynamism and instructiveness to your brand. And the same can certainly pursue prospects to buy product or service.

Be it websites, walkthroughs, games, presentations, e-learning, demos or films, our highly skilled animators and artists, who are not just technically equipped but also have artistic sense can effortlessly transform brands’ ideas into superior designs.

You can consult Kreative Garage, one of the leading 3d animation service providers in Mumbai  for any of the below mentioned  3D animation services including but not limited to:

Pre-production Animation services

  •        Concept development
  •        Background Designs
  •        Storyboard
  •        Animatics

Production Animation services

  •        3D Modeling
  •        Texturing
  •        Rigging
  •        Animation
  •        Lighting
  •        Rendering

Post Production Animation services

  •        Visual Effects & Compositing
  •       Colour Corrections and Digital Enhancement
  •        Motion Graphics
  •        Video Editing
  •        Sound Editing
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