360* Videos & Virtual Reality

360* Videos & Virtual Reality

In today’s cut-throat competition, eccentric marketing collaterals help to stand out of the race. And  virtual reality is one of those. Virtual reality  and 360-degree videos, which are new age experiential medium, are gaining popularity by the day.

It takes the brands’ stories to another level.

Yes, it has redefined marketing totally as there is now to limits to imagination truly. 360-degree panoramic videos allow the prospects to feel and understand via rich and immersive videos like never before. No doubt why it is now a new and proven booster in marketing campaigns. With social media, web and other digital devices supporting this type of visuals and birth of VR devices are only bolstering the medium. And it cannot be wrong to say that this is the future of communication. Yes, 360-degree videos have cinematography that helps to viewer see limitless and all dimensional view which gives them a unique experience. Right from your guides or tutorials to corporate film to events, to product tutorial, one can use this effective and creative method.

It is not only an interactive vision piece but also highly educational and fun to watch.

Kreative Garage Studios is at the forefront of this innovative marketing platform. We offer state of the art virtual reality videos and our hands-on experience in the same. And that’s why it makes us the ideal 360* interactive video production company in Mumbai. Right from 360-degree videos to virtual tours to video stitching service; we offer end to end 360-degree video production services right from planning to production to post-production. We are capable of creating most elegantly designed, richer and eyeball-grabbing 360 videos for brands.

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