2D Animation

2D Animation

here is no doubt that 2D Animation is one of the powerful, simple and recognizable ways in today’s world to communicate. 2D animation which is an immersive form of animation rightly connects and engrosses with an audience for it not only provides entertainment but also infotainment.

Kreative Garage which is a reputed 2D animation maker assists many industries. Right from 2D animations for web to 2D animations for advertising to 2D animations for e-learning to 2d flash animations we provide a wide range of 2D animation services.  We always work at the behest of our esteemed clientele. We make sure that we customize the 2D animation and related designs as per client’s requirement.

Our main endeavour is client satisfaction we believe in understanding our clients’ requirements and help them communicate their brand and story better. We craft high quality, pleasing and easy moving designs that will make any complex ideas look compelling, fun and easily comprehensible. And we have dedicated team who are passionate about their work to do the same.

 You can consult Kreative Garage, one of the leading 2d animation service providers in Mumbai for any of the below mentioned  2D animation services including but not limited to:

  • 2D character designing
  • 2D Cell Animation
  • Story Boarding
  • 2D Flash Animation
  • 2D logo animation
  • 2D cartoon animation
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